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While working in the a shipyard in the early 1970s, it become evident to John TG Vickery that the need for a compact, durable power pedestal for dry dock and ship docking was incredibly necessary. The idea of localized power pedestals was unproven, and the options available would very rarely survive the harsh environments of the Marine Industry.

As a result, the VE-2/30 power pedestal was born! While its yellow exterior has lost its popularity, the sturdy construction, practicality, and component flexibility quickly became the standard for the industry.

Today, Vickery Electric manufacturers a large assortment of rugged and durable power pedestals for all your power requirements. Because they are designed and built by Vickery Electric engineers and electricians, they are guaranteed for long life and ease of maintenance. Any manufacturer’s components can be substituted, so if there are specific installation guidelines to be met, a Vickery Electric power pedestal will meet those needs! From metered and unmetered service entrance units, to distribution allocation to local breaker and receptacle requirements, Vickery Electric has a pedestal to meet any need!

Vickery Electric’s power pedestals can be found throughout Ontario. On dock systems, shorelines, city park areas and Provincial parks, Vickery Electric’s power pedestals are a popular choice for your power requirements! Please see the links below for cut sheets for all of the power pedestal options Vickery Electric has to offer.

A Complete Weatherproof System of
Electrical Service Entrance, Distribution and Power Outlets


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