Preventing Costly Delays & Shutdowns


Many unexpected short term and long term electrical costs can avoided with a scheduled maintenance and service program.

Using our proprietary infrared diagnostic procedures we can literally see problems that even the most seasoned electrician might overlook because our technology allows us to see what’s happening inside of cabinets and conduits that the naked eye cannot see.

Call our sales team to discuss your operational needs and we’ll provide a solution that helps you manage costs while minimizing the risk of unexpected downtime and budget overruns.

It All Begins With Great Service

Great service is not just about how many trucks or people you have on the road – it’s the ability for those people to get the job done right the first time – on time and on budget and to Code.

Vickery Electric has the right people with the right qualifications and that’s why we can guarantee the workmanship, professionalism and expertise of our people in writing.

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