Seeing What Can’t Always Be Seen


Vickery Electric first established its Electrical Diagnostics program in 1989. For ten years, the program was primarily used in-house to enhance the contracting division. This allowed Vickery Electric to guarantee that any electrical system installed was not only done to code, but each had the guarantee of perfect performance upon completion. In 1999, due to increasing demand by local business, Vickery established its Diagnostics Division to service the Southern Ontario region. Vickery Electric was very quickly considered “the best equipped” Electrical Diagnostic specialists in the area. Vickery Electric has been chosen to determine faults throughout North America, and have received inquiries from as far as Saudi Arabia.

Vickery Electric’s diagnostics program is based on recording voltage trends, dropouts, and power quality. Whether the system is 3 phase or single phase, 3000 amps or 15 amps, 600 volts or 120 volts, Vickery Electric can easily pinpoint the root cause of any power quality issue. Vickery Electric’s diagnostics are capable of tracking transients to a millionth of a second. Taking continuous, instantaneous snap shots of each sine wave (both voltage and current) allows us to diagnose the specific form issue, and to analyze the efficiency operating level of the electrical system, or item in question.

Heat is probably the most significant factor in any electrical system. Vickery Electric’s diagnostic equipment can find harmonic distortion, the factor used to determine damaging heat levels. Vickery Electric’s charts show all total harmonic levels and specifically indicate all voltage and current distortions.

Vickery Electric charts and monitors all voltage and current Levels. Most monitoring takes place over a seven day period, and is analyzed after this time.

Kilowatt, KVA, power factor, etc., all factors are built on easy to read charts and our technicians are available to ensure our customers clearly understand the faults and the remedies using this information. Vickery Diagnostics will find the faults, and advise the client of the most cost effective solution.

It All Begins With Great Service

Great service is not just about how many trucks or people you have on the road – it’s the ability for those people to get the job done right the first time – on time and on budget and to Code.

Vickery Electric has the right people with the right qualifications and that’s why we can guarantee the workmanship, professionalism and expertise of our people in writing.

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