John Woodward; Dean, Schools of Skilled Trades and Apprenticeships: Durham College Skills and Training Centre has actively utilized the expertise of Vickery Electric in our electrical and network cabling programs. Durham College looks forward to future and continued working relations with Vickery Electric, knowing that quality will always be foremost in any endeavour.

John Shamus Technical Service manager International Innovative Systems: We have found Vickery Electric to be professional, unbiased and thorough in their work with Quality Assistance.

Wilson Paterson, Owner/ General Manager Royal Ashburn Golf Course: (Home of the CPGA Qualifying School): I would not hesitate to recommend Vickery Electric to any business requiring an electrical contractor.

Barbara Smith, Facilities Management Durham Children’s Aid Society: The people employed by Vickery Electric accommodate our particular working environment with ease. Their qualifications are without question, their work is much superior to others in their field, all staff are consistently professional in their approach and their pricing is reasonable.

Vince Macri, Manager Computer Operations Enterprise Technology Solutions Branch Central Agencies I&IT Cluster: You have a proven track record of excellent service with the Data Center and are able to provide creative solutions to minimize impact on our services. You not only deliver on contracted serves but also provide value added information by being proactive, staying current with industry trends and direction and pass on any applicable information that may affect our operation.

Ontario Hydro Power Savers: “Vickery Electric Contracting Limited has demonstrated leadership in efficient lighting design and contributed to the success of a province wide shift in awareness, attitude and behavior with respect to the wise and efficient use of energy.”


The Honorable Tom Edwards, Mayor of the Town of Whitby: “This success does not surprise me. I have been well acquainted with both of your parents for many years and I am fully aware of the commitment they both brought to the community, it pleases me that succeeding generations echo this dedication.”

A.P. Muir Regional Electrical Surveyor, Transport Canada: “In such projects plans are usually not to hand and Mr. Vickery’s practical experience is invaluable here. He also has a pleasant personality to work with and his “on site” proposals demonstrate sound engineering principals and good logic. During my course of duties I have from time to time examined Mr. Vickery’s installations and have formed the opinion that his work is most satisfactory.”

Christopher Roy Senior Staff Writer, Electrical Business News: “All because of the hard work of people like John Vickery.”

Dianne Cunningham Minister of Training, Colleges and Universities: “As a key participant in our provinces training system, I am pleased to inform you that the Apprenticeship and Certification Act (ACA) will be proclaimed law effective Jan. 1st 2000.”

Mr. Gerry Hoehne, Plant Superintendent Whitby General Hospital: “They have serviced all electrical systems and did major electrical installations. I find Vickery Electric very competent and reliable and pleasant to work with.”

D. Lewis Pollard P. Eng., Chief Electrical Engineer Totten Sims Hubicki Associates: “We, therefore highly recommend them to you for your electrical work in general.”

John Haldane, Line Superintendent, Whitby Hydro Electric Commission: “We have found Vickery Electric to be competent & thorough in their work and have experienced no difficulties with them.”

Bonnie Crawford Business Administrator, Trafalgar Castle School: “It has been our pleasure to have Vickery Electric as a supplier of our electrical supplies and service for the past 20 years, From installing electrical outlets to major fire alarm systems, their level of professional quality has been unmatched by any other sub contractor we have employed.”